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Bentonville Sunday School

Where We Shape Our Future Muslim Leaders

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Our Mission

BIC Sunday School's mission is to bring our community together, and provide proper guidance to our children. Helping them to share and appreciate their Islamic values and morals.

Who We Are

Very dedicated parents who volunteer their time to create a simple Islamic Curriculum for our Children that helps shape them to be our future Muslim Leaders.

What others say:

We are so grateful to have a school teaching Islamic values for the younger generation. My daughter is always excited to go every Sunday. She shares with us the different crafts and activities they have done throughout the day. We are excited to see her grow and develop with this program. Thank you all so much for your hard work!

— Nassima & Sharif Omar

With the small Muslim community we have in Bentonville, it is a blessing to have such great, willing volunteers to teach fundamentals of Islam and Arabic on Sundays. I'm so happy my son is able to be a part of it!

— Jumana Herbawi

The Sunday school program is a great way for kids to learn about Islam. My kid learned a lot and she enjoyed doing it. The staff are amazing and they all are doing a great job! I'm happy that my kid got to be part of this!

— Nujuma Syed